• 30 SEP 13
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    Do you have a cracked tooth?

    When you bite down, do you feel a sharp pain that quickly disappears or you ignore it? Do you avoid certain foods or chew on only one side of your mouth? If so, you may have a cracked tooth. The pain from a cracked tooth is caused from the spreading of the crack when pressure is applied.

    A tooth may crack due to:

    • chewing on hard objects (i.e. ice, candy, fingernails)
    • an accident
    • clenching or grinding your teeth
    • large fillings
    • extreme temperature changes on your teeth
    • brittleness from a root canal

    The treatment of a cracked tooth is varied. A crown or onlay is the usual treatment, but some cracks can go deep enough where the tooth may need a root canal or removal.

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